I am not ready to be awake right now. this is the one of the only perks of not working. i wake and get to decide if i want to be awake. and after the week i’ve just experienced the answer for this morning is – hell fcking no – back to sleep where hopefully my subcon. will let me dream of things other than recent events.



Here’s the Rundown….

1. As of Christmas Eve 2010, I finally have insurance through Medicaid.

2, As of Feb.1st 2011, I have full insurance coverage through a Medicaid HMO, HHP.

3. I have 2 more appts. w/ the nutritionist and a cardio-clearance to pass and my surgeon’s office can submit to my insurance for my bariatric procedure. Hopefully, this means that I’ll be on the table around the end of April, Happy Birthday to Me.

4. Blood work has begun on trying to diagnose the disease/disorder that is causing the severe chronic wide-spread pain.

That’s it. If you were hoping for more I’m sorry to disappoint you. Actually, I’m not sorry.


Moving In Shadow

the quiet listener,
the thunder of a community’s passion,
the voice that speaks for the voices that cannot,
the voice that speaks for the voices that will not,
the one who moves in shadow to provide the world with light,
those whose personal passions ignite the souls of the masses,
the decision makers,
the educated,
the uneducated,
the change embodied,
the humble,
the brave,
the single set of footprints,
the removable foundation stone,
the trees for the forest,
the logs on the fire,
the keepers of the flame,
the ones who write the words that other will speak and that others will cling to as their salvation.

Vegtables are naturally low in calories.

But if you smother them in an unnatural amount of butter and or cheese they are high in flavor 😉


I canNOT stand the bait and switch – and i hate when people just expect you to do something that was not in the contract just because they said to do it – how about asking first people. Fucking seriously. Just fucking ask. Not that hard. I’ll usually say “sure” – “no problem” – “okay” – so just ask me first. Dont assume. Dont EVER assume.

“Oooo what is this?” “That is an anti-tank weapon. And you are pointing it at yourself.”

so that is a quote from the upcoming episode of Psych – I cannot express the genius of good jokes, one liners and jokes so bad they are brillant. This show is one of the shows that make me want to be an actor – timing, scene sharing, improv and quick thinking and quicker writing. When the lines scathe past the less witty among you its just that much more satisfying. Ah…..

Talent Really IS optional.

So I’m back – its been a while and the title of my blog is so apropos – because I clearly have no talent for this blogging thing. I guess I feel like I’m being self-important by writing down my thoughts for others to read, like it’s something so vital to everyone else’s existence – blogs are supposed to be public, otherwise everyone would just be writing all this stuff down in fuzzy little journals with cheap gold locks. I’m sitting here, watching the telly like I always do – god I’m dull – Watching Practical Magic and remembering when I wasn’t so dull – Let’s see, anything different from the last time I posted….? Oh well I got a temporary job with a local tax accountant as an Office Manager for the tax season – it’s a 1099 status position ( meaning I’m “self-employed” for taxing purposes ) which also means that I will need to set aside at LEAST $1200 for next years little gift for the IRS – lovely. But to be fair I did finally receive the workman’s compensation settlement that I’ve been waiting for since the end of 2006 – ‘bout damn time – so I can use half of it to put the money away for the taxes – wish I could be using it to put money aside for an apartment – maybe that’s what I’ll do with the other half – Good Idea guys! Thanks for helping me think of it. ANYway – wanna hear a really fun really great song? It’s called ‘The House Rules’ by Kane – – this version is played over a series of clips from TNT’s Leverage – makes me miss my partying…. Ah the memories…

I suck at this.

Okay seriously I suck at this… I think it may be because I don’t have a lot to actually write about since the majority of the time all I’m doing is sitting on my bed watching television. There is so little to report and my interaction with folks so limited that there just isnt anything interesting to discuss. So I guess I’ll talk about tv, exciting. I have started watching ‘Criminal Minds’ as its now broadcast on ION and A&E in repeats ( it’s still running on CBS currently ) and found Matthew Gray Gubler to be a really interesting fellow – if you dig art then you should check out his website – it’s super low-tech which I absolutely love – all his posts are handwritten and scanned, along with his artwork –

So that’s all for now. I’m going to go work on some ark of my own, which if I can get it photographed I’ll put up on my Facebook page. Ciao Bellas.

So Slacker Sally, How’ve you been?

Alright I know – I’m terrible at this blogging thing. So tomorrow I go back to the nutrionist (to be called ‘R’) and I have an appt with my therapist (we’ll call her ‘K’). I was told to bring my favorite photo of myself to our session, so we can discuss it as an exercise…. This will be interesting because my favorite picture is my headshot that was both shot professionally and photoshopped professionally. Gee, I cant fathom why it might be my fav… I’m sure she’ll have a field day exploring why the photo that I like the best is one in which I look perfect, because I paid people to make sure I looked that way and that I only truly feel like people see the “real me” when I have been primped and primed by make-up artists and hairstylists. Blah blah, psycho-babble… Blah blah… blech. I’m also a little peeved – I had another therapist that I’d been going to for a while and she was awesome – but today when I was at the doctor’s office ( where my original therapist – we’ll call her ‘L’ also worked ) I asked to meet with her and they told me that she was no longer there. And due to privacy rules they couldnt tell me if she had forwarding info. I’m bummed about it cause she was cool.
So next topic – the nutrionist – I havent lost any weight since I’ve been on R’s meal plan. I’ve actually been okay sticking to it – mostly. As I mentioned before she’s got me gluten-free etc – so we dont really have any bad stuff in the house and everything that I’ve been eating has been from her list ( unless I was out in town working on Sinterklaas, i’ll explain later ) and I haven’t been able to master the “eating schedule” she wants me to do… I’m a little frustrated with myself – but I also know that I did really well on the Weight Watchers point system – which definitely flowed better with the way I tend to go through my day – I was using the WW plan while I was in CA and sitting at the computer all day long gave me the opportunity to really track my points accurately – I tried to do it here at home but found it hard because I’m not sitting at the computer for 7 hours and there’s no room in the fridge/freezer for the WW meals, which is what I stocked my fridge with in CA – Mom was paying for me to do it here at home but money is SO f*cking tight right now. That’s another thing – I’ve been waiting a month now to find out if I will actually be recieving unemployment. I’ve been filing every week like they instructed me to but there seems to be no movement. I was seriously excited and then seriously bummed when I stopped by the ATM the other day. I went to check my balance and it was 669.73! A miracle – I thought “Looks like unemployment came through!” (the amount the NYS Labor Dept said thay would give me if I were to recieve benefits would be ~ $300.00) So naturally I thought the ball was rolling and I’d finally be able to start paying my own bills with my own money – but when I called the bank to find out who the money came from, it turned out to be a mistake. My mother deposited her paycheck into my account instead of hers, so now there is like six bucks in it. I really just cant seem to get ahead, at all.

The big positive thing this past month has been the annual Sinterklaas event here in Rhinebeck. ( OR ) – I’ve been working on building, restoring and creating puppets with two very cool people ( Sophia & Alex ) for the starlight parade that happened on Dec 5th – this is reason that I’ve not really been on the computer all that much – It’s really worn me out, but working on it was AWESOME and gave me a little insight as to my physical and pain situation regarding looking for a job of some sort… I’m thinking something that’s only 1 or 2 days a week that doesnt require me to stand up for long periods of time – I could handle it at the workshop so I could probably swing an office job or small shop where I can sit when there are no customers… which reminds me – I need to print up some of my generic job apps and few resumes to take with me into town tomorrow so I’m a peace out now. Night.

Fish Oil

Still stuck on the fish oil for right now.  It’s lemon flavored.

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