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I am not ready to be awake right now. this is the one of the only perks of not working. i wake and get to decide if i want to be awake. and after the week i’ve just experienced the answer for this morning is – hell fcking no – back to sleep where hopefully my subcon. will let me dream of things other than recent events.



Here’s the Rundown….

1. As of Christmas Eve 2010, I finally have insurance through Medicaid.

2, As of Feb.1st 2011, I have full insurance coverage through a Medicaid HMO, HHP.

3. I have 2 more appts. w/ the nutritionist and a cardio-clearance to pass and my surgeon’s office can submit to my insurance for my bariatric procedure. Hopefully, this means that I’ll be on the table around the end of April, Happy Birthday to Me.

4. Blood work has begun on trying to diagnose the disease/disorder that is causing the severe chronic wide-spread pain.

That’s it. If you were hoping for more I’m sorry to disappoint you. Actually, I’m not sorry.