Talent Really IS optional.

So I’m back – its been a while and the title of my blog is so apropos – because I clearly have no talent for this blogging thing. I guess I feel like I’m being self-important by writing down my thoughts for others to read, like it’s something so vital to everyone else’s existence – blogs are supposed to be public, otherwise everyone would just be writing all this stuff down in fuzzy little journals with cheap gold locks. I’m sitting here, watching the telly like I always do – god I’m dull – Watching Practical Magic and remembering when I wasn’t so dull – Let’s see, anything different from the last time I posted….? Oh well I got a temporary job with a local tax accountant as an Office Manager for the tax season – it’s a 1099 status position ( meaning I’m “self-employed” for taxing purposes ) which also means that I will need to set aside at LEAST $1200 for next years little gift for the IRS – lovely. But to be fair I did finally receive the workman’s compensation settlement that I’ve been waiting for since the end of 2006 – ‘bout damn time – so I can use half of it to put the money away for the taxes – wish I could be using it to put money aside for an apartment – maybe that’s what I’ll do with the other half – Good Idea guys! Thanks for helping me think of it. ANYway – wanna hear a really fun really great song? It’s called ‘The House Rules’ by Kane – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCvux33FmuI – this version is played over a series of clips from TNT’s Leverage – makes me miss my partying…. Ah the memories…


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